Hemp Milk!

Happy New year!

If you feel like taking a break from animal based milks, why not try Hemp Milk!? It contains only 70 calories per cup, (compared to cow milk at 146 calories per cup) and it is full of omega 3 fatty acids and protein! It can also serve as a dairy substitute for all your recipes if you are a vegan.

Every now and then you can find Hemp Milk at grocery stores, but more often you are likely to find plain or de-hulled hemp seeds. Though many have tried, these seeds cannot grow, due to how they are processed, but they are absolutely delicious and their uses extend far beyond just this tasty beverage! Comparable to almond or coconut milk, Hemp Milk is one of many popular dairy alternatives.

Approximate time to make: 10 minutes

What you’ll need: - 1 Cup Hemp Seeds (preferably dehulled, but non dehulled will work fine.) - 4 Cups Water - Optional - Sweetener (Agave, Honey, etc some people add dates) - Strainer and collection bowl/ pitcher. - Blender Preparation: If you'd like to, it may improve the overall flavor of your milk if you wash hulled seeds before hand.

Step 1: Place your Hemp seeds into the blender. They will mix with the water to form something that looks just like dairy milk!

Step 2: Now, add your water and sweetener. You can add anything at this point to change the flavor of the milk, though the unchanged taste is surprisingly good. You can also easily make chocolate Hemp milk

Step 3: Blend everything together until you feel the seeds and the water are thoroughly mixed. This should be about 30 - 60 seconds.

Step 4: The hemp milk can be enjoyed right now in an unfiltered state if you used, dehulled Hemp seeds. If you used, Hulled Hemp seeds, pour the Hemp milk through a strainer and repeat if necessary

Step 5: Congrats! you have Hemp milk! Add any remaining Hemp milk to a pitcher or container and store in the refrigerator, some settling may occur, simply shake it up before using to fix this. Add Hemp milk to your coffee or tea, to recipes, to cereal or just drink it by itself

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